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Based in Miami, Wisclo aims to provide the best, most affordable, aerial drone footage services in South Florida.


Real Estate & Hospitality

Capture your audience with amazing new angles, and exclusive points of view, previously reserved to architects & design professionals, until now.

Social Events

Sports & Entertainment

Stock Footage


Get your head
in the clouds

The sky is no limit.

Bringing your vision down to earth in four easy steps.

Whether you’re just looking for some crisp, cool drone footage of your kids, or you need a full on slow motion aerial advertising commercial for your company, we are here to help. With flexible choices for everyone, Wisclo makes it easy to provide you with professional grade footage that fits your budget.

Our entry level package starts at $200 offering 15 minutes of high quality uncut footage. From there we can help you decide what else you might need (if anything at all), in order to meet your own expectations. Boost the color, trim excess video (such as take off and landing), add logos, text and music, etc. You name it, we’ll help you make it happen.



Step 1:

Choose your video resolution:

►HD – Optimum For mobile viewing (720×1280)

►Full HD – For large screen TVs (1920×1080)

►4K – For the latest technology available (3840 x 2160)


Step 2:

To “Slowmo” or not to “Slowmo”?

►30 FPS – About as fast as most human eyes can see.

►60 FPS – More than twice as fast as the average human eye.

►120 FPS – Five times faster than the average human eye.


Step 3:
Set Up

Would you rather it be uncut or edited?

►Raw – No edits, no cuts, simply everything caught on camera.

►Medium – Color enhancements, and no excess footage.

►Well Done – Full on branded corporate commercials.


Step 4:

Choose your delivery method:

►Digital File – Via DVD, USB Drive, or Internet File Download

►Social Uploads – YouTube or Vimeo Uploads

►Wisclo Link – Your own web page, with your own video gallery.


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